Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lord No No to Super Casinos

A bunch of old unelected grey-haired blokes with nothing better to do have said no to the government plans for a super casino - and the additional 16 casinos.

Isn't democracy a great thing?

From the Beeb: Lords scupper super-casino plan

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Betfair $600 Sign Up Bonus

I don't usually do a straightforward promotion, but I like Betfair and what they're trying to do in this industry, so its good to give them a plug every so often.

Betfair changed poker software late last year to a new platform and its pretty good.

Their latest promotion offers up to $600 depending on the number of points you generate. Use BFP600 to qualify for the deal when you sign up

here's the deal:
• Sign up using the promotional code BFP600
• Receive a bonus of up to $600* based on the number of Betfair Points generated
• Bonus is effective from your first hand played
• First hand must be played within 30 days of registration to qualify
• Bonus is valid for 60 days only
• Bonus is paid every Wednesday for Betfair Points generated in the previous week i.e. Player will receive $10 if they generate 400 Betfair Points
• Payments are made in increments of $10
The bonus will be paid every Wednesday and is effective from first hand played
*See Terms & Conditions

Now pop along to Betfair Poker to sign up