Friday, July 21, 2006

The USA vs BetonSports: The Story So Far

As the US Conservatives seem desperate to create a new era of prohibition - this time using online gambling as its sorry excuse, they seem to be doing as much as possible, as quickly as possible to show the world how stupid strong...they really are

Here's a quick rundown of whats happened so far

- The House of Representatives agree to a bill to outlaw online-gambling - except horse racing and state sponsored lotteries.

- David Carruthers, CEO of, gets arrested during a stopover in Dallas. He and 10 others are charged with racketeering

- UK online gambling stocks take a beating on the stock market

- shuts down its website

- Antigua complains to the WTO about the US's behaviour claiming the US is violating International free trade laws. The WTO set up a committee to study the claims. The US no doubt couldn't care less.

- Bodog gets nervous and cancels postpones its annual online gambling conference in Vegas

- David Carruthers remains in jail after his lawyer asks to postpone a bail meeting

- Partygaming ignores everything and reports huge increases in revenue. It maybe too late because they'd already lost a fifth of their value following the betonsports fiasco