Tuesday, March 21, 2006

British Punters Fleeced by Credit Cards

The Sun Online - News: New 'tax' on web gaming

If there's a way to make money on gambling, then you can be sure it'll be found - and the credit card companies have decided they don't make enough from consumers - they have to create a new invisible tax just for online gamblers

From May 1 anyone who uses their credit card to put money into an account will be charged as if they made a cash advance. MBNA already adds an extra 2%

A 'spokesperson' from RBS has tried to justify themselves to call it a cash advance - but since RBS has been involved in online gambling from the beginning - offering their services and trying to capture the market - it smacks of pure greed.

It sounds as if they sniffed through their little book of definitions trying to find a way to profit even further from the cash heavy online gambling industry - and this is what they came up with.

So if the punter wins - do we charge the credit companies interest on our winning? No - thought not

Time to use your debit card - and any other legit card that doesn't impose obscene taxes

Thursday, March 16, 2006

US Gambling Bill Doesn't Concern 888

888 brushes off US legal concerns

Life is a lot easier when you've just reported a 16% increase in annual profits. 888.com announced its pre-tax profits to Dec 05 totalled $50.2m. Not bad for the casino giant.

However, the press is more concerned with recent developments in the US where a bunch of congressment with too much time on their hands are trying again to get a bill through that would ban online gambling. The bill has now moved to the House floor for consideration.

But 888 don't think it will go through - but even so, has worked to move its current playerbase from the US - although it still takes as much as 55% from American players.

888 aren't the only ones though that thinks this way. Seems as if there's going to be plenty of opposition to the new gambling bill. Lets hope the US sees the sense in that sooner rather than later

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Too Much to Soon for Underage Bingo Player

Underage Bingo Player Loses 200k Payout

Over at Gamblog Jon is reporting on a 17-yr old girl who won the £200,000 on a national Linked bingo game at her local Commodore Club in Ryde, Isle of Wight.

However club officials soon found out her age and promptly invalidated the claim.

It must have been a boost to her ego to pretend to be 18 and be allowed in the club in the first place - little did she realise the consequences

New Celebrity Betting Blog

OK - so i'm still ignoring this blog some what - but that will change!

In the meantime, I've launched a new blog - solely for scurrilous celebrity betting, gossip and anything relating to novelty or what the bookies categorise 'special' bets. That includes reality TV, music, movies, politics, awards show - and just anything that doesn't really fit into sports, horse racing or football

You can read it all here - sometimes preferably with tongue firmly stuck in cheek.
Celebrity Betting