Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Gamblers and Monkeys are Closer than Ever

Who'd have guessed, huh?

I can't resist research studies like this

It seems monkeys are pretty big gamblers when faced with a choice of risk or steady rewards. And as the stakes rise, so will their risk-taking.

Basically, a set of male rhesus monkeys were given a choice of 2 lights that would yield them a reward. One light would give a steady reward of juice, whilst the risky light would either offer a smaller amount or a larger amount - there was a significant result of the monkeys preferring to gamble.

On this first test, over time, the average amount of juice was the same. However, in a second test, the odds were shifted to make the risky light less of a reward than the steady light.

And again, the results favoured the risky light.

It was clear the monkeys preferred the idea of the big reward - which cancelled out any losses they suffered. When wired up, the researchers also found that neuron activity increased as the frequency of the monkeys choosing the light did

Like monkey like gambler? well, with a bit more research, it could be true!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Now its Betrosexual as Female Poker Players Turn Male


Who comes up with these terms? first its metrosexual, and now even online poker needs to get in on the act and have created the term "betrosexual".

So what are these creatures?

Apparantly there are a number of female poker players online that use male names to give the impression, well, that they're male.

According the the 'experts', this is due to the faceless nature of online poker - which is currently seeing an influx of female players who have long avoided the 'real thing'.

Without the facial expressions and body language of playing in real life, there are other ways to bluff - and it seems that if your opponent thinks you're the opposite sex, they would make different judgement choices.

Whatever works I guess...

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sentenced Contrary to the Gaming Act 1845

Gambling Scam Rumbled

A man from North West London has made legal history by being sentenced 'contrary to the gaming act 1845'

Three men were accused of 'top hatting' in a game of roulette - which basically relies on all the relevant people in the casino - from the dealer to the security staff and other players - to be distracted just before the ball drops - giving them vital seconds to put chips on the winning number

The scam was ultimately spotted by casino security and the men were known gamblers that were banned from a number of casinos

I suppose you have to be famous for something