Monday, June 27, 2005

Partygaming Finally Becomes a PLC

Partygaming shares rise on debut

The owners of have finally floated on the London Stock Exchange with an increase of 11% on their first day. They are now valued at over £4.5bn

Can we move on now please?

Monday, June 20, 2005

Why not Boycott Formula One?

OK - I'll apologise in advance - this has nothing to do with gambling.
But at this point - I don't care. Here comes a rant

I was in Indianapolis on Sunday for the sham they called the US Grand Prix - and out of everybody involved - everyone was to blame except Indianapolis, who quite simply, barring a preacher giving a sermon pre-race, didn't deserve the arrogant, obnoxious, greedy Formula One 'sport' descend upon their nice city and ruin their reputation.

So - I blame Michelin for changing their tyres from ones that worked in Spain. Then telling the teams not to allow the drivers to race. I want to see the results of the tests of their tyres. Idiots.

I blame the teams for their arrogance. They allowed the show to go on as if nothing was wrong(parade lap) and then pulled the drivers from the race.

I blame the drivers. On interviews pre-race, knowing full well what was about to happen, they spoke about winning and driving. They were smiling and waving on a presentation grid an hour before the race. They didn't defy their teams to give the fans a race. Slow right down at the corner if they had too. But race.

I blame the FIA for being so unrepentant and pig-headed not to change their rules to give the fans (who spent thousands to see the 'race') a good show. Make it a non-championship race for all I care. Just give us something to watch.

I blame the FIA for backing Ferrari and not allowing a chicane at the 'dangerous' bend. 9 out of 10 teams accepted the chicane

I blame the Ferrari team for being unsportsmanlike and ensuring changes were made so they could have a race. Who cares about the points at this stage. They should have allowed the chicane

I blame Michael Schumacher for continuing to race and not pulling out as soon as he realised this. If he did, they would have abandoned the race and we would have at least got our money back

I blame Bridgestone for not asking the FIA to allow Michelin to get new tyres over

I blame Ecclestone for allowing this happen. Why do the fans have to put up with the politics of this pathetic spectacle

I was in a stand with a huge group of Colombians who had travelled to see Montoya. They left after lap 3.

An american behind me had taken his 8 yr old kid to see a race for the first time. Most likely it'll be the last. They left at lap 30.

Most people left at lap 10.

The vendors at the track lost money. Indianapolis no doubt lost money as everyone clamoured to get earlier flights and may not return next year.

The local 'commentary' team were speechless. Indianapolis Motor Speedway were embarrassed. It was, quite simply, pathetic.

Nascar and Indycar must be laughing. The threat of Formula One succeeding in the US is now probably non-existant. I'll give American sports one thing - they know how to put on a good show. The Europeans haven't got a clue what its all about.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $5 Billion

Online gambling tycoons face jail threat

PartyGaming are still taking all the headlines with their pending floatation but this time it comes with an ominous warning.
Always looking for a negative, The Guardian is reporting that the 4 founders of poker giant, could face time in prison in the US if found guilty of the heinous(!) crime of online gaming

Naturally, this isn't big news for anyone thats followed anything about online gambling - its been a grey area in the US since the beginning and they've always threatened prosecution for those found guilty of offering internet gambling services to US citizens - following through on their threats in the sportsbetting industry when Jay Cohen served time

However, despite the headlines, 3 of the 4 partygaming founders keep a low profile, staying out of the press and rarely being seen - the price you have to pay for a 5 billion dollar company

Thursday, June 09, 2005 Launches Cinema Ads

Gambling Addiction Fears as Website Ad Hits Cinemas

The bandwagon rolls on. Not content with taking up most of the financial papers these days with their upcoming floatation, they are about to launch their first UK cinema advertising campaign

The 30-second ad will be shown during the Bruce Willis movie, Sin City

Not to worry then, if the US is anything to go by, not many people will be seeing this one

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Epsom Derby - Latest Odds

Well, its derby day on saturday and that should provide at least a 10 minute reason to tear you away from Big Brother. Motivator is vying for favourtism with Gypsy King whilst Irish 2000 guineas winner will likely slip further from its current 5-1 with trip and ground concerns.

However, i'll be loyal to my current New York residency and play the 'name game' to go for my local train station, Grand Central, as I watch the Yankees sink to their 6th straight loss in a row, something has to go right for the Big Apple

Epsom Derby - Non Runner Money Back
All Odds Taken from William Hill
Motivator 3/1
Gypsy King 3/1
Dubawi 5/1
Oratorio 7/1
The Geezer 10/1
Walk In The Park 12/1
Fracas 12/1
Grand Central 16/1
Kong 20/1
Hattan 22/1
Unfurled 40/1
Almighty 66/1
First Row 150/1
Kings Quay 250/1

Bet Now with William Hill

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Channel 4 Delays TV Racing Deadline

Racing: TV hopes rise as Channel 4 delay deadline

A few days after Channel 4 made it fairly clear they were about to pull horse racing from their broadcast schedule, they've put back their intended decision deadline until friday this week.

However, it still seems fairly unlikely that channel 4 will change their mind.

The network claims that unless they can find sponsorship of about £8 million to compensate for the £5 million they claim they lose by televising the sport, they cannot continue their programming, making the future of TV horse racing in its current format highly unlikely

The bookmakers were always going to be made to be the bad guys in this - refusing to cough up the cash and expecting satellite TV and the BBC to take up the reigns, but channel 4 should stop playing the bluffing game and make a decision already