Wednesday, May 25, 2005

NFL Asks Glazer to Explain Link to Man Utd Casino

Glazer 'must explain casino link'

Looks like the NFL have joined the queue with their quibbles towards new United owner, Malcolm Glazer. It seems the American Football League doesn't like Mr Glazer's potential link to casinos - with the possibility of Man Utd's tie-in with a Las Vegas casino

Links between sports and gambling in the US has always raised a red flag in the touchy 'moral' US and whilst they don't care about potential 'cross-ownership' they do care about the implications of receiving any revenues from casino or betting operations

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Champions League Final - Latest Odds

Its Liverpool's chance to shine this time - and without a Chelsea, Arsenal or Man Utd in sight. AC Milan take on Liverpool in Istanbul and after shocking Chelsea in the semi's, has as good a chance as any to take the trophy despite being the underdogs

Champions League Final - Match Betting
Bet Now With William Hill
A C Milan v Liverpool home 1/1 draw 15/8 away 13/5

A C Milan V Liverpool - First Scorer
Bet Now With William Hill
AC Milan
A Shevchenko 5/1
H Crespo 6/1
F Inzaghi 7/1
Kaka 8/1
J D Tomasson 8/1
A Pirlo 14/1
Rui Costa 20/1
C Seedorf 20/1

A C Milan V Liverpool - First Scorer
Bet Now With William Hill
M Baros 8/1
D Cisse 9/1
J L Garcia 11/1
S Gerrard 14/1
H Kewell 16/1
X Alonso 20/1
V Smicer 20/1
J A Riise 20/1

Champions League Final - Man Of The Match
Bet Now with William Hill
A Shevchenko 11/2
S Gerrard 7/1
Kaka 9/1
M Baros 12/1
J L Garcia 12/1
H Crespo 12/1
X Alonso 14/1
J D Tomasson 14/1
J Carragher 14/1
D Cisse 14/1
A Pirlo 16/1
R Gattuso 20/1
J Dudek 20/1
All Odds Taken from William Hill

Friday, May 20, 2005

Betfair Poker First Anniversary Specials

Well, apparantly its been a year since Betfair Poker launched their poker room - and as expected, its been a resounding success.

So to celebrate their anniversary, they've got a bunch of specials this week

And here is the (drumroll please)

Saturday 21st May
STT Qualifiers start for the 12K bonus tournament at just £15+£1 – Look out for the tournaments named 12_MONTHS.

Monday 23rd May
Betfair Multiplier Tournament
The Betfair Anniversary Special - Any winnings will be multiplied by the number of months you have been playing on Betfair Poker! With buy-in to this MTT at just £10 + £0.10 (that’s right, 10p fee). Winning this event could pocket you up to £36,000 if you’ve been with us for 12 Months. The tournament starts at 20:30 BST with maximum of 1,000 entrants.* Sign up on BFANNIV

Tuesday 24th May
Beat the Betfair Team
Take on Betfair Poker’s Pros (or even better the Betfair poker Boss!) and receive a bounty – Knock out Bengt Sonnert, Willie Tann or Ben Fried when they sit at the table and you will get £50 in an STT or £200 in an MTT!

Over the duration of the day, 10 STTs and 2 MTTs will be played – look out for the announcements on the Poker forum to find out when they will be playing

Wednesday 25th May
Founder Member’s Day
Are you a founder member of Betfair Poker? Were you playing in May 2004? Then today, you play for FREE! Any tournament fee and rake will be paid back into your account as a thank you for your loyalty!

Thursday 26th May
The Betfair Cryptic Freeroll Tournament
10 seats are up for grabs for the $100 000 guaranteed on May 29th but you will need to decipher the clues in order to get the password! Clues will appear in the poker popup and on the forums. The tournament starts at 19:00 BST. Look out for BFCRYPT

Friday 27th May
Royal Flush Friday
Get a royal Flush at the Betfair cash tables ($1/$2 or above) and you can choose your entry into either a WSOP qualifier or your seat in the next Betfair Poker Championship.**

Saturday 28th May
12K Bonus Tournaments
To celebrate our first Birthday in style, Betfair have added £12K to the prize pool for this tournament! You can qualify for this tournament everyday from the 21st or buy in directly for £100 + £10. Register now as there are only 500 seats available. Tournament starts at 19:00 BST and is called 12_MONTHS

Sunday 29th May
100K Guaranteed Tournament
A lot of things in life aren’t guaranteed…but on May 29th One hundred thousand bucks is! You can buy your way directly ($185 + $15) or earn your way in through one of our satellites with buy-ins from as low as $10 + $1. The tournament kicks off at 20:00 BST.

Sunday 30th May
The Big Finale – Carribean Poker Classic - Freeroll
If you have played for at least ten hours during our anniversary week, we will send you the password to enter our Caribbean Poker Classic – Freeroll where you can win your package and seat for this year's CPC worth $12,000.

Click here to play at Betfair Poker

Eurovision Song Contest 2005 - Latest Odds

Well, I'll hang my head in shame here - but I LOVE the Eurovision Song Contest! Its unmissable and truly appalling. And I NEVER get the winner - so I won't even try this year - despite Greece being the hot favourite - its a terrible song. And those around me are shouting NORWAY - but i'm still not listening - just covering my ears.

But its still hilariously bad and swamped with so much politics you almost want Simon Cowell to turn up and say "No, its total rubbish".

But he won't - and this year, I have to watch online without Mr Wogan. Oh well.

Here's the latest odds - cos if you're gonna watch it, you absolutely need to bet on it!

Eurovision Song Contest - Outright

All Odds Taken from William Hill
Greece 13/8
Norway 10/3
Hungary 8/1
Malta 11/1
Switzerland 12/1
Bosnia & Herzegovina 12/1
Moldova 16/1
Romania 20/1
Latvia 20/1
United Kingdom 25/1
Serbia & Montenegro 25/1
Israel 25/1
Sweden 33/1
Spain 33/1
Denmark 33/1
Cyprus 33/1
Russia 40/1
Croatia 40/1
Albania 50/1
Ukraine 66/1
Turkey 66/1
Macedonia 66/1
France 66/1
Germany 100/1

All Odds Taken from William Hill

Thursday, May 19, 2005

FA Cup Final - Latest Odds

Its a big betting weekend this week, beginning with the FA Cup Final with Arsenal vs Man Utd - both teams needing a win to come out with a trophy this season.

The bookies have Arsenal as slight favourites to take the cup at 7/5 despite Thierry Henry having to pull out through injury

F A Cup Final - Match Betting
Arsenal v Man Utd home 7/5 draw 15/8 away 9/5
All Odds Taken from William Hill

First Player to Score (arsenal)
R Van Persie 8/1
R Pires 8/1
J A Reyes 8/1
D Bergkamp 8/1
J Aliadiere 10/1
F Ljungberg 12/1
Edu 20/1
All Odds Taken from William Hill

First Player to Score (Man Utd)
R Van Nistelrooy 6/1
W Rooney 13/2
L Saha 8/1
Alan Smith 8/1
P Scholes 11/1
R Giggs 14/1
C Ronaldo 14/1
Liam Miller 25/1
Roy Keane 33/1
All Odds Taken from William Hill

Monday, May 16, 2005

William Hill Buys Stanley's Betting Shops

William Hill becomes biggest bookmaker

I guess if you're william hill, you can never have enough betting shops. And to prove a point, they've just agreed to pay Stanley Leisure £504 million for 624 shops. Now, even with my crude mathematical ability, that almost £1 million a shop - not bad in an industry in which technology is taking over the traditional bookie. Not bad for Stanley Leisure that is. Of course, this deal makes Hills the Market Leader, finally taking over from Ladbrokes. I guess that always looks better on the annual report.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Women and the World of Online Poker

How women are changing the world of poker

First it was stories about the increase of female gamblers in both online casinos and online better.

Then it was the explosion of online poker

And now, of course, its the war between male and female poker players. Well, not quite. But apparantly online poker has opened doors to the traditional 'macho' world of poker - and the percentage has grown from 1% to 5%

Real-world table poker is known to be aggressive and somewhat intimidating (didn't look that way last time I saw a poker room in action - but there you go). Whilst the online world is just as aggressive, the anonymity it offers deters any intimidatory tactics, making for a nicer atmosphere.

The article continues to profile a few female poker players, such as Lucy Rokach who is 'acknowledged to be the best female player in the UK" and plays 'aggressively and fast'.

Female players are now a force to be reckoned with and unlike the men, don't bring their ego to the table, as poker pro Gary Jones states:

"So many poker players play off the back that it's almost a personal affront to their manhood if you bluff them out of a pot. I don't think a woman's like that. When she comes to the table she's there to play and she's there to win. She doesn't care if you bluff her out as long as she plays a good game. A bloke on the other hand can take it very personally. It's a bit like driving or having sex, it's one of those things that men aren't prepared to admit they're bad at."

I guess that just about says it all

Monday, May 02, 2005

UK Election Betting - Latest Odds

Well, I might be in the US right now, but rumour has it, there's an election in the UK next Thursday - and yes, it is being shown here on CSpan2 (possibly the dullest TV channel ever)

It seems as if the result is a foregone conclusion for Labour - Hills isn't even betting on the outcome, whilst Bet365 has Labour at an unbackable 1/40

But of course, that doesn't stop a bunch of alternate markets if you want a wee flutter on the election

William Hill has a few intriguing markets on offer

The number of Labour Seats:
All odds taken from William Hill
Labour Party ( 361 - 370 ) 4/1
Labour Party ( 351 - 360 ) 9/2
Labour Party ( 371 - 380 ) 5/1
Labour Party ( 341 - 350 ) 6/1
Labour Party ( 381 - 390 ) 8/1
Labour Party ( 331 - 340 ) 8/1
Labour Party ( 391 - 400 ) 12/1
Labour Party ( 321 - 330 ) 12/1
Labour Party ( 311 - 320 ) 16/1
Labour Party ( 401 - 410 ) 18/1

Overal Election Turnout
All odds taken from William Hill
Election Turnout ( 60-61.99 % ) 3/1
Election Turnout ( 58-59.99 % ) 10/3
Election Turnout ( 62-63.99 % ) 9/2
Election Turnout ( 64-65.99 % ) 6/1
Election Turnout ( Under 54 % ) 7/1
Election Turnout ( 56-57.99 % ) 7/1
Election Turnout ( 54-55.99 % ) 11/1

Size Of Tony Blair's Sedgefield Constituency Majority
All odds taken from William Hill
Under 12000 7/2
15001 To 16000 7/2
16001 To 17000 5/1
14001 To 15000 5/1
17001 To 18000 13/2
13001 To 14000 7/1
12001 To 13000 9/1

Other markets are available at William Hill or Bet365