Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Blame Scotland for a Gambling Addiction


Now Scotland can probably be blamed for many things - but to blame the country on a gambling addiction is taking things a bit far, you'd think.

Not so for ex-Celtic goalkeeper Javier Sanchez Broto who claimed he found Scotland - and its long winter nights - a bit too boring for his taste and used the local bookies as an outlet for excitement. So much so, he now has an addiction that in one weekend cost him £68,000

But now he's back in Spain, the gambling continues - but it seems this time he uses goalkeeping gloves as his stake rather than cash

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Online Gambling Increases by 45% in the UK

According to Nielson/Netratings, online gambling has experienced a 45% increase in the UK in the last 12 months - and said the cause was the rise of Broadband

The National Lottery is the most popular site - with over 1 million visitors per month. Over 3 million UK users visited online gambling sites in February 2005.

In the same study, Nielson/Netratings found that 14 million Europeans gambling online - with 14% from home - and the most popular gamblers were from Sweden and France

Research Figures about Online Gambling in Europe

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

TV documentary looking for people

I've been asked to post this from a TV production company looking to do a documentary about young people and money..

If you can help them - or know someone that might help - please get in touch directly with them - not ME!

here you go

We are currently looking for young people to take part in a series of documentaries for Channel 4 based around money issues.

We are hoping to get in touch with people aged between 16 and 21 who feel that money is affecting the decisions in their life.

Perhaps they are managing debts and can’t control their spending, or maybe finding inventive ways of making money in order to keep up with the latest trend? Have they recently come into a lot of money and don’t know how to cope with it? Maybe they are still living with their parents, Or Have they rejected the materialistic lifestyle altogether in order to seek the simple life? We aim to include all of these perspectives, so please put us in touch with anyone you think may be suitable.

Each film will focus on a different financial situation; it will be lead by a young person facing a dilemma. They will be shown in the daytime and are intended as educational tools, they will be aimed at other young people to provoke debate. Betty Tv’s previous productions include ‘This Teen Life’ (2003), which won a RTS educational award, and ‘Rude Britannia’ (2004) which has been nominated for an RTS award. Betty TV has a commitment to making quality programmes for and about young people.

Why are we making these films? Young people in Britain have never had more disposable income, their attitudes to money and spending are being formed earlier than ever before. In an increasingly aspirational society, the pressure is on to look good, have the latest gadget, and be seen in the right places. Betty TV wants to look at many issues connected with the pressure of living in a material world. We aim to find out how young people really feel about money, and examine the consequences of the spend now, pay later generation.

At this stage we are eager to meet and chat to young people who may be interested in becoming involved. Their opinions are what really count and we would like to hear them directly. Please help by putting them in touch.

Kind regards

Christina Chrsitopher
[Researcher, Betty TV]
[0208 290 0660]

Grand National Week

Its the biggest horse race of the year - when the mass public, rather than racing fans are likely to have a bet.

Here's some of the links to the best sites
- BBC Horse Racing (no doubt a special National Section will appear later this week)
- Aintree Racecourse
- Sporting Life Racing Section

And of course, the latest odds (non-runner no bet)
All odds taken from William Hill

Hedgehunter 8/1
Amberleigh House 9/1
Strong Resolve 10/1
Clan Royal 10/1
Forest Gunner 11/1
Joly Bey 16/1
Colnel Rayburn 16/1
Take The Stand 18/1
Lord Atterbury 20/1
Longshanks 20/1
Innox 22/1
Nil Desperandum 25/1
Montys Pass 25/1
Just In Debt 25/1
It Takes Time 25/1
Double Honour 25/1
Bindaree 25/1
Spot The Difference 28/1
Royal Auclair 33/1
Marcus De Berlais 40/1
Jakari 40/1
Jack High 40/1
Frenchman's Cre' 40/1
Ad Hoc 40/1

For the rest of the runners, click here for William Hill

Monks Caught Gambling and Drinking in Temple

12 monks held for drinking and gambling inside temple

I guess there's not much else for a monk to do once he's taken his vows.
but for 12 buddhist monks, gambling, alcohol and sex are amongst the most cardinal sins. It didn't seem to stop them as police raided their temple and found them drunk, playing dice games and reading porn mags.

The monks insisted they were allowed by law to drink and gamble - but its likely they'll be defrocked before police proceed further

Monday, April 04, 2005

Tories Look to Kill the Casino Bill

Howard poised to kill off Jowell's casino bill

Looks like the Conservatives are following in the oh-so-loud footsteps of that mild-mannered rag, The Daily Mail and trying to kill off the casino bill.

I thought it was killed off months ago. Is it still happening? Does anyone still care? Rather than becoming the most advanced and progressive regulated country for gambling, it'll all turning into a joke.