Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Big Three Bookies Aim to Break EU Gambling Monopolies

Telegraph 'Big Three' aim to smash EU cartels

William Hill, Ladbrokes and Coral have begun a campaign to stop the gambling monopolies in EU companies - that stop them offering bets

According to a report by ARGO (Association of Remote Gambling Operators), many EU countries are illegally imposing trade barriers to prevent online gambling in their countries - or to control it

In recent years, Ladbrokes have stopped offering bets to German and Dutch residents whilst the Italian government are trying to do the same.

However, the European Court of Justice have confirmed that companies are legally allowed to provide gambling services across borders

I don't often agree with the sometimes 'strong arm' tactics of the 'big three' - but this time, their claim is valid - and it will, overall, allow some of the smaller more competitive firms to follow suit and reach punters otherwise unreachable

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Online Gambling TV Ads

Its definitely an interesting pastime watching the ads on US TV. I'm sure the novelty will pass very shortly, but I was under the impression that not only is online gambling banned in the US, but any form of advertising is frowned upon or shut down.

Not so it seems, since there seems to be constant advertising on TV for online gambling websites - albeit with a large 'play for fun' disclaimer (yeah, right, whatever).

The usual suspects appear regularly - including, and - as well as - on some of the mid-size networks such as TBS (sitcoms and popular movies)

I've also come across another auction possibility for the goldenpalace PR bandwagon -
just for easter

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Cheltenham Festival Queen Mothers Chase: Latest Odds

Well, the Cheltenham Festival has started for another year - and it is strange not being in the UK to watch it.
The first big race of the festival, the Champion Hurdle, was won by joint favourite, Hardy Eustace.
Read a round up of results at the BBC Online

Wednesday brings the Queen Mothers Chase - probably my favourite race of the festival and Hills have made Moscow Flyer and Azertyuiop joint favourites (although if i'd had to separate, i'd narrowly pick Azertyuiop to win):

Queen Mother Champion Chase - N/r No Bet R4 May Apply
All odds taken from William Hill

Moscow Flyer 7/4
Azertyuiop 7/4
Well Chief 3/1
Oneway 12/1
Central House 20/1
Venn Ottery 33/1
Kadarann 66/1
Cenkos 100/1

For odds on all the races on wednesday, check out William Hill

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

No Casino Tricks


Tessa Jowell won't be allowing any US-style 'casino' tricks for the 8 super casinos. That means no clocks, no free food and drinks and no 'daytime simulation' techniques.

hmm..lets just see - last time I went to a UK casino, there were no clocks, you couldn't tell if it was day or night, and I was offered free food and drink at the tables.

Funny that.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

William Hill Plans to Buy....Shops?

OK - its been a while - again! i've just moved country so its been an upheaval (to say the least)

Anyway, on with life..

William Hill has announced it plans to expand its gambling empire by buying more betting shops.

Since the gambling de-regs have taken a less agressive approach than first thought, Hills have decided not to pursue entry into casinos and instead to look into buying 600 new shops.

In an age of internet, TV, mobile and telephone betting, those plans are just, well, dare I say, backward? But who am I to question a company that makes over £205 million in profits