Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Too fat to work in a casino

Job Applicant Sues Casino Over Weight Rules

An aspiring barman has filed a lawsuit against Borgata Casino in Atlantic City New Jersey over its weight policy - the casino bans their barstaff from gaining more than 7% of their initial weight

I hope they get free trips to Weightwatchers in their contract

Champions League - Latest Odds

The game of the tournament so far, Chelsea take on Barcelona at the Nou Camp tonight and will have to bounce back from their FA Cup defeat against Newcastle.

In another battle of the giants, Man Utd are at home to AC Milan

Champions League Match Betting

All odds taken from William Hill

Barcelona v Chelsea 10/11 : 11/5 : 5/2
Man Utd v A C Milan 1/1 : 2/1 : 12/5
Porto v Inter Milan 7/4 : 19/10 : 7/5
Werder Bremen v Lyon 1/1 : 21/10 : 23/10

William Hill also offer a a number of related bets on each game
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Friday, February 18, 2005

Man Utd Casino

Is it me, or is it really quiet right now? Is everyone just waiting for the neverending UK gambling bill to pass (does anyone care anymore?)

Anyway, Man Utd are the latest big name to have an initial discussion about applying for one of the 8 'super casino' licences when the bill goes through

According to the Guardian, Las Vegas Sands, who run The Venetian, have been in prelimary talks with the club to look at Old Trafford as a potential venue. Read More here

Is Rooney even old enough to enter a casino yet?

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Win Doyle Brunson's Super System II at Betfair Poker

Once Upon a Time, Doyle Brunson wrote 'Super System' - which soon became known as the Bible for poker. And yes, I do have a copy - and yes, its as big and as bulky as the real bible

Well, he's now written the sequel, imaginatively titled 'Super System II' and apparantly its the most 'eagerly awaited book ever' - or so they tell me. It includes new world class contributors, new games and new strategies. Now those clever folk at Betfair Poker have got themselves the exclusive rights to the book - and are giving away 500 of them on their site

So here's how to nab one of these books:

1. Open an account by downloading the poker application In the registration pages, make sure to enter the code "SSB222" in the promotion code box.
2. Deposit a minimum of £50 on your account
3. Play a minimum of 500 raked hands till Sunday 6th of March

The first 500 new users to register with the promotion code, who fulfil those conditions, will receive their copy of super system II

So...get to it - download Betfair Poker Here

Whilst on the same subject, the aforementioned Betfair Poker are also getting involved with qualifiers to the World Series of Poker 2005 - guaranteeing 110 seats at the main event - and covering hotel, air fare etc. You can buy into a satellite for as little of $10.

They're also supporting the New Orleans circuit event at Carnival City from 24 to 28 May, by guaranteeing 24 seats

Qualifiers have started now, and there’s a full schedule available on

So er..once again...get to it and toddle off over to Betfair Poker

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Not AWOL - just AWOI

Thats absent without Internet

And I didn't think I would be quite that out of touch over the last week..

so - just took a quick trip to Egypt to see the pyramids etc..and yes, I did hit a 'foreigners only' casino in Cairo to see what it was like - and where they do play a great game of blackjack (insurance any hand, surrender any hand, split/double any get the idea)

Otherwise, I have little clue as to whats going on in the outside world right now - back to reality tomorrow...and hopefully a quick recap of last weeks gambling stuff

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Superbowl XXXIX - Latest Odds

Its that time of year again - the biggest game for the US football season hits us and whilst i'm expecting plenty of press on the price of TV commercials - I doubt Janet Jackson will be making an appearance.

Anyway, in the 39th meeting, the New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles at Jacksonville Florida and it looks as if the bookies have the Patriots as odds on to take the game - however, your best bet is to take one of the many alternative bets available such as spreads, totals or first touchdown

U S Football : Superbowl X X X I X - Outright
All odds taken from William Hill
New England 4/11
Philadelphia 2/1
More bets available at William Hill

More Links:
Superbowl - Official Site

Thursday, February 03, 2005

New Free Online Gambling Magazine Launches in March

Future announces Online Gambler

Future Publishing, who publish a wide variety of technology magazines, have announced the launch of 'Online Gambler' - yet another new online gambling magazine

There'll be a print run of 500,000 which, Future claims, will make it the world's biggest online gambling magazine.

And it'll be free.

Kind of.

Actually, it'll be free WITH other Future magazines, such as PC Format, PC Gamer, PC Zone and T3 and aimed at males aged 21-45 and focused on poker - with some coverage of other online gambling.

According to the publisher, "PC enthusiasts use their PCs for entertainment. They like an intellectual challenge, enjoy improving their skills and have high disposable income."

And apparantly that means they will love online gambling. Obviously...

So essentially, it should be called Online Poker, its aimed, strangely, at PC users. And its not really free.

I'm sure it'll be a huge success....(wanna bet on that?)

Deadline Passes as £7 million Lottery Win is Unclaimed

Good Causes Profit As £7m Goes Unclaimed

The clock ticked 5:30pm today and the last chance for a winning £7 million+ National Lottery ticket to be claimed disappeared as the money will be handed over to good causes.

There is a 6 month window for winning tickets to be claimed and Camelot claims a further £10 million is still being held by them, waiting for winning ticket holders to claim it