Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Bet365 offer their 2005 Sporting Specials

As the year comes to a close, our fascination for the more untraditional betting event continues unabated.

Bet365 are now offering a whole sleuth of sporting specials for 2005 - but if you spot any 'sure things' get in quick since most of the books close by 31 Dec, 2004

The Specials are as follows:

Tennis: A Brit to reach the Final of a Tennis Grand Slam Singles Event
Golf: A Brit to win the Open Golf at St.Andrews in 2005
Cricket: A.Flintoff 6's Off Shane Warne in Ashes (5 Test Series)
Cricket: How Many 6's Will A.Flintoff Score In Ashes Series (5 Tests)
Cricket: Number of Test Matches lost by England in 2005
Golf: David Duval to win a PGA Tour event in 2005
Golf: VJ Singh to Win 10 or More PGA Tour Events
Golf: Any Player To Shoot A 59 or Better In Any PGA & European Event
Horse Racing: AP McCoy to join M Pipe as Stable Jockey
Horse Racing: Son of Dubai Millennium to win the Derby
Horse Racing: Son/Daughter of Dubai Millennium to win a classic
Rally: Sebastian Loeb to win 6 or more WRC Rallies in 2005
Rugby League: Leeds Rhinos to Charge to a Clean Sweep in 2005
Snooker: World Championship 2005: Age of Winner
Snooker: World Championships 2005: Will there be a 147?
Soccer: Chelsea to be unbeaten in the Premiership During 2005
Soccer: No Premiership managerial changes in 2005
Soccer: Premiership Leader on Christmas day 2005
Tennis: Andrew Murray To Win An ATP Tour Event
Tennis: Russian Women To Win All 4 Grand Slams
US Football: Will New England play Philadelphia in the 2005 Super Bowl

For odds on all these event, visit Bet365

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami

The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami

News and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts.

If you have your own blog or website, please pass this URL around.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Google's 2004 Zeitgeist

2004 Year-End Google Zeitgeist - Interactive Edition

Trust Google to do a 2004 summary in the only way they know how. In fact, thinking about it, only Google could really summise the year - with the most popular search terms, images and news for each month.

So according to the search engine, we couldn't live without Lord of the Rings, Michael Phelps, the Boston Red Sox and someone called "Barack Obama"

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Happy Christmas - now onto the King George for Boxing Day!

Well, another xmas day and I still have found nothing to watch on TV

But its the King George tomorrow - and one of my favourite races of the jumping year - i'd be at Kempton myself if I wasn't going to the football!

Its still worth a bet or 2 perhaps as odds for Azertyuiop in the last couple of days have shortened enough to vy for favouritism with Kicking King whilst old favourites Tiutchev and Edredon Bleu still love the big events

All odds taken from William Hill
(non runner - no bet applies)

Kicking King 3/1
Azertyuiop 3/1
Le Roi Miguel 13/2
Calling Brave 7/1
Therealbandit 15/2
Kingscliff 9/1
Tiutchev 12/1
Seebald 14/1
Lord Sam 14/1
Edredon Bleu 20/1
First Gold 25/1
Fondmort 66/1
Hot Shots 150/1

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

£20 football accumulator and £233,000 later

Chef cooks up betting bonanza

The dream of getting a football accumulator to actually come in came true last weekend for a chef from Exeter. He put £20 on 14 matches and won at odds of 11,650-1 and plans to buy a house with the winnings

The guy predicted Chelsea, Celtic, Cheltenham, Swansea, Walsall, Airdrie, Gillingham, Hull, Coventry, Derby, Port Vale, Stockport, Preston to win their games - and Blackburn to draw with Everton.

William Hill reckons its one of the biggest football bets ever landed

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

City Boy Steals £9million for Gambling Spree

City expert stole £9m to gamble

Those boys in the city have so much fun it seems.

But unfortunately, for one accountant, his gambling addiction got out of hand to the point of stealing £9m from his employers in the City.

Apparantly the spread betting addict used colleague's passwords to log on and authorise huge payments to fund his account - at one point withdrawing £500,000 in 3 days.

The 32yr-old finally admitted his guilt after writing an email to his company saying:
'I am sorry I have let you all down' and then promptly disappearing - he turned himself in in September.

What I'm still wondering is how he got access to his colleague's passwords and more importantly, how this went undetected for 5 years - it seems sheer negligence on the part of the company

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Eye in the Sky Looking at the Women


To be filed in the - "it had to happen sooner or later folder" - Here's a case that doesn't surprise but still disgusts

New Jersey regulators fined Caesars Atlantic City Hotel Casino $80,000 when it was discovered that some employers were using camera surveillance to spy on female employees and casino customers - when they should have been looking for chears and crooked dealers.

The employers were fired as a result - but once again poses the question between the balance of required security and personal privacy

Putting the Cheese Back into Xmas

Not content with bombarding us with publicity stunts, have taken things one step further - producing the most awful song ever to hit the netwaves - and all in aid of the mouldy grilled cheese toast they bought on Ebay

So if you want to ruin your ears this xmas, courtesy of the Palace that is Gold, download the mp3 here

Friday, December 17, 2004

Champions League Draw and Latest Odds

Some great matches in the first knockout stages of the Champions League as Man Utd face AC Milan and Chelsea are up against Barcelona

Champions League draw:

Real Madrid v Juventus
FC Porto v Inter Milan
Barcelona v Chelsea
Werder Bremen v Lyon
Liverpool v Bayer Leverkusen
PSV v Monaco
Manchester United v AC Milan
Bayern Munich v Arsenal

The latest Champions League Outrights showa fairly even market with AC Milan favourites at 11/2 and Chelsea and Barcelona following at 13/2

All odds taken from William Hill

A C Milan 11/2
Chelsea 13/2
Barcelona 13/2
Arsenal 15/2
Juventus 8/1
Man Utd 11/1
Inter Milan 11/1
Real Madrid 12/1
Liverpool 14/1
Monaco 16/1
Lyon 16/1
Werder Bremen 20/1
Bayern Munich 22/1
B Leverkusen 25/1
P S V Eindhoven 33/1
Porto 66/1

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Gambling Bookstore

Wow, its been a quiet week in gaming - you'd think Christmas is approaching..

So just before the festivities, i'm going to plug a new gambling bookstore - covering pretty much all aspects of gambling - including betting, finance, racing and software

For casino books (and more) at the
Casinos in the UK bookstore

and for poker books (and more) at the
Online Poker in the UK bookstore

And hopefully i'll start featuring some of the books over the next few months on this here blog

Monday, December 13, 2004

Matthew Stevens Wins $500,000 in the Pacific Poker Open

Snooker star wins poker's big pot

The World's number 6 snooker player has won the Pacific Poker Open - the UK's richest poker tournament, beating darts champ Phil Taylor and tennis player, Yevgeny Kafelnikov who came 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Williams has the right idea though - he's off to New York to spend some of his winnings - and with the current $ exchange rate, he'll be on a spree!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Saturday Night TV Finals Finally Over

So Jill Halfpenny wins Strictly Come Dancing and Steve Brookstein won The X-Factor - what are we going to do now on a Saturday night?

One noticeable thing to say though was that during the X-Factor finale on Betfair, G4 were backed to 1/3 to win, whilst favourite during the week, Steve, was lengthened to a huge 7/2 at one point. Talk about getting it totally wrong..

So I guess its back to normality and traditional betting events as Arsenal take on Chelsea tomorrow. I'm way too biased on this one so i'm not going to say anything except that its going to be a great match and it'll be interesting to see who Wenger puts in goal (oh yeah, i'm going to be there!)

William Hill make Arsenal slight home favourites at 13/10 with Chelsea at 9/5 and the draw at 2/1

For more related bets, check out William Hill

Pammie is top draw with poker players

Poker Players Draw Pamela Anderson

Apparantly 42% of poker players have chosen Pamela Anderson as the celebrity they'd most like to play against - according to Empire Poker.

Basketball star Dennis Rodman was 2nd at 24%, james woods received 13%, whilst poker playing Ben Affleck nabbed a mere 1% - obviously they're worried about his well-known poker skills

And no - i'm not going to make the obvious connection about Ms Anderson having Top Pair. I'd never stoop that low.

Instead, i'm going to take this message to introduce my alternate gambling blog over at Whilst this site will remain focused on the UK market - and some other fun babblings, gambling-weblog will have a more international focus - or so I claim!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Its Coronation Street vs Eastenders for Christmas Day TV - Latest Odds

As usual, the 2 big soaps are battling out for favouritism to be this years biggest TV ratings winner on Christmas Day. Eastenders, who have a history of showing strong Christmas Day episodes are slight odds-on with Bet 365 at 8/11 whilst ITV's Corrie is at 11/10. The big film of the day is the Harry Potter movie on BBC at 6/1

All Odds taken from Bet365

Eastenders 8/11
Coronation Street 11/10
Harry Potter (and the Philosophers Stone) 6/1
Vicar Of Dibley (Xmas Day) 10/1
Emmerdale 25/1
The Big Impression 33/1
Absolutely Fabulous 40/1
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Special) 40/1
102 Dalmations 50/1
Midsomer Murders 66/1
Goodbye Mr Chips 66/1
The Simpsons Christmas Message 80/1
Love Actually 80/1
NFL Live (Sky Sports) 100/1
Finding Nemo 150/1
Grumpy Old Women at Christmas 200/1

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Thanks for the Million Quid but the Footy's on

Man gets back to watching footie after winning Lotto

I love this story - an Irish guy, after realising he'd won over a million pounds on the lottery, went back to watching Match on the Day and then went to bed.

Good to see where his priorities lie - I guess next week, he'd be able to be at the footy in an executive box instead of just watching it - but somehow I doubt thats his style.

Betting Ring Used Insider Trading to Win on Spread Betting

CSFB betting ring denies abuses

Here's a case of those poor overpaid City boys that like to dabble in spread betting - and got caught.

A betting ring consisting of 5 traders are on trial this week accused of using confidential insider information to make spread bets on share-price movements. They allegedly made hundreds of thousands of pounds.

One of the accused admits to passing across the confidential info, but not breaching criminal law. The other 4 deny all insider trading charges.

The defense do make an interesting case that 'spread betting based on insider information is not illegal, because it did not take place on a stock exchange' - also, at the time, spread betting was outside of the regulatory bodies governing insider trading (changed in March 2004)

Whilst the verdict will be interesting, this is more a case of "ingenious - but you've been caught" - I bet it was fun whilst it lasted though..

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Betfair Poker Gets into the Christmas Spirit

One of the newest poker rooms on the block, Betfair Poker have really got into the Christmas Spirit this year.

They've launched the 12 Plays of Christmas (plays, geddit?) advent style promotion which is full of big money bonus tournaments and prizes - including, my favourite, a chance to win a Brabus Smart Roadster Coupe.

You can pretty much take for granted that Betfair will continue its reputation across its products - and poker is no exception.

You can read more about the promotions here

Or go straight to the Betfair Poker Christmas site and sign up

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Betting on the Race for Xmas Number 2

Bookies betting on Xmas No 2

Because this year's Xmas number one is an absolute cert with Band Aid's insipid new version of "Do They Know Its Christmas" (buy it anyway, I guess), the bookies are now offering odds as to which song will make number 2 - Ronan Keating and Yusaf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) are odds on to take the second spot with Father and Son whilst Kylie is a far off second favourite at 8/1

Christmas No 1 Single (without Band Aid) - from William Hill
Ronan Keating & Cat Stevens ( Yusuf Islam ) 10/11
Kylie Minogue 8/1
Robbie Williams 10/1
Paul Holt ( X Factor ) 10/1
Bo' Selecta! 10/1
Westlife 12/1
Hot Pantz 12/1
Goldie Lookin' Chain 16/1
Ice Cube 20/1
Morrissey 25/1
Duran Duran 33/1
Electric Six 40/1
Damien Rice 40/1
Cliff Richard 50/1

(all odds taken from William Hill)

Monday, December 06, 2004

All I want for Christmas is a Poker Set

Is it just me, or is there a huge proliferation of poker accessories in the shops for Xmas?

Everywhere I go, I see tin boxes of poker chips, cards, rotating chip holders, auto-shufflers, green felt and plastic 'things' (don't quite know what the plastic things are for)

Be it at geek store, the gadget shop or middle-class department store, John Lewis, it seems gone are the days of ties and slippers and sweaters with santa and rudolph - and in are bad quality light-weight poker chips and cards. And there's huge displays built as if they're the latest hi-tech gadget to hit the streets

Was it really that difficult to set up a game of poker at your house with a pack of cards and some matchsticks, before the onset of 'poker gift sets'?

Or am I just being a Scrooge? Bah Humbug

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Funerals are Being Turned into Gambling Parlours

Gamblers use funerals to run card game operations in Singapore

Gambling syndicates in Singapore have found yet another way to set up their operations - they pay of grieving relatives to run gambling sessions at funerals.

With Chinese funerals often lasting a week long, its common to see mourners playing card games to pass the time.

The syndicates pay 'runners' to check the newspaper obituary columns to get potential families to say 'yes' and gamblers are told where to go at the last minutes, whilst the runners act as lookouts.

The family is offered $183 a night and the runners $61 when they've secured the funeral.

But its not all plain sailing - 9 people were recently arrested for gambling at a wake and face fines or jail if convicted

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Ritz Roulette Scam: Gamblers Can Keep the Money

'Laser scam' gamblers to keep £1m

Two Serbian men and One Hungarian woman were told they could keep the £1.3 million they scammed from the Ritz Casino last March.

In an ingenious set up, they played roulette at the Ritz with a laser in the mobile phone. The phone was linked to a computer and would compute the likely finish of the ball from the speed scanned by the laser. Before the betting was finished, they were able to get the results and place the bet.

In the first evening, they won £100,000 so they decided to try their luck again and made a further £1.2 million the second night.

They were arrested and the funds and phones confiscated. However, the police have now claimed no laws were broken and have allowed the 'gamblers' to keep their winnings.

You have to give kudos where its due - they found a loophole and they won.

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Friday, December 03, 2004

Hands Up if you've Won a Million

Search for lottery millionaires

I can understand if its just one ticket holder that may delay claiming a lottery prize - but Camelot are waiting for 3 mystery ticket holders to claim £1.6 million EACH in the draw on November 6th.

The tickets were bought in Stroud, the Vale Royal Region of Cheshire and Sandwell in the West Midlands.

The winning numbers were 5, 17, 23, 26, 42 and 48 and these were the numbers of a special jackpot-only draw - hence the possible confusion

So if you're one of those ticket holders and don't feel like claiming - I'm sure there's a line of people waiting to take the tickets off your hands...

Saturday Night TV - Latest Odds

Its that time of the week again as X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing start to get serious.

Tabby is still favourite to win X-Factor outright, whilst G4 are odds-on to get evicted this week

X-Factor - outright - Odds by William Hill
Tabby Callaghan 10/11
Steve Brookstein 5/4
G4 11/2

X-Factor - 7th eviction - Odds by William Hill
G4 2/5
Tabby Callaghan 4/1
Steve Brookstein 4/1

Over at Strictly Come Dancing, Jill Halfpenny is odds-on favourite to win whilst either Denise Lewis or Julian Clary could be on their way out this weekend

Strictly Come Dancing - Outright - Odds by William Hill
Jill Halfpenny 2/7
Aled Jones 10/3
Denise Lewis 9/1
Julian Clary 20/1

Strictly Come Dancing - 7th Eviction - Odds by William Hill
Denise Lewis 8/11
Julian Clary 1/1
Aled Jones 28/1
Jill Halfpenny 66/1

Meanwhile, those Celebs are still trying to find their way out of the jungle and funny-man Joe Pasquale is huge favourite to win the overall title

I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here - Outright - Odds by William Hill
Joe Pasquale 1/4
Paul Burrell 3/1
Janet Street - Porter 14/1
Sophie Anderton 25/1
Fran Cosgrave 33/1

Don't forget, as if all that isn't enough, this weekend also sees who won Record of the Year (check for updated odds)

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Uefa Set to Investigate Betting Irregularities

Uefa set to launch betting probe

UEFA is set to launch an investigation into unusual betting patterns following Wednesday night's Uefa cup game between Panionios and Dinamo Tblisi. Panionios came from one goal down to beat Dinamo Tblisi 5-2 in Group D.

Several bookies suspended trading after noticing unusual volumes of trade just before kick-off. The half-time/full-time market saw some of the most suspect trading figures. The odds for Tbilisi to be leading at half-time with Panionios winning by full-time should have been 33/1 - but Betfair saw the odds fall to just 4/1 before kick off.

Is Colin Salmon the New James Bond?

A few months since Eric Bana was rumoured to be the new James Bond, and hit the top of the bookies lists, there's a new would-be successor to the Bond crown

Apparantly Ladbrokes are reporting irregular betting for Colin Salmon and are suspecting a sting according to Sky Online. In just an hour, they took 6 bets for £500 each - highly unusual for what is essentially a novelty bet. The odds plummeted from 20-1 to 6-1 and they have closed the book for now. Ladbrokes also reported that 3 new accounts were opened to place those bets - emphasizing their suspicion that something fishy is going on

Colin Salmon has played M's right-hand man in the last 3 Bond outings and would become the first black James Bond. He's one of many up for the role, including the aforementioned Australian, Eric Bana, Dougray Scott and Ewan McGregor.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

2004 Record of the Year - Latest Odds UPDATED

UPDATE 03/12/04

Christmas is coming fast and its the time of year for the yearly favourites to be announced. This Saturday, Dec 4, the 2004 Record of the Year is awarded after a shortlist of 10 'pop' songs was chosen last week.

William Hill have boyband McFly as favourites at 15/8 followed by similar girls faves, Busted at 7/2.
Personally, I'm quite partial to the excellent Scissor Sisters - but its highly unlikely they'll win

Mc Fly ' Five Colours In Her Hair ' 15/8
Busted ' Thunderbirds ' 7/2
Will Young ' Leave Right Now ' 4/1
Brian Mc Fadden ' Real To Me ' 5/1
Natasha Bedingfield ' These Words ' 15/2
Maroon 5 ' This Love ' 10/1
Girls Aloud ' Love Machine ' 16/1
Scissor Sisters ' Laura ' 25/1
Anastacia ' Left Outside Alone ' 25/1
Katie Melua ' Closest Thing To Crazy ' 40/1

All odds taken from William Hill

Odds also available at Bet 365

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West Ham Footballers hold all the Aces at the Classic

West Ham Footballer Matthew Etherington Wins the Classic - No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Poker - Teddy Sheringham Wins Free Roll Tournament

Playing with the likes of John McCririck, Nick Leeson and Michael Grecco, it was the footballers that won the day at the inaugral Classic

West Ham players, Matthew Etherington and Teddy Sheringham put in their £1000 and came out as winners - with Etherington winning the classic and Sheringham winning the £1000 Freeroll Tournament at the Rendezvous Casino in Southend.

Etherington took the first prize of £17,000 - probably just a weeks wages for him

The Top Ten were:
1st Matthew Etherington
2nd Roger Jones
3rd G Georgian
4th R Huntley
5th Mishalabi
6th D Bahbot
7th Harvey Leff
8th Neil Channing
9th Michael Chivers
10th Philip Donovan

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Need Some Luck on the Horses - Pop Down to Swansea

'Luckiest betting shop in Wales'

A Jack Brown's bookies in Swansea has been dubbed the luckiest bookmaker in Wales after a bout of large payouts to its punters.

The bookies have paid out over £17,000 in winnings for just 3 small stake bets including a £20 accumulator on the football, £60 on the horses and almost £3,000 for a 5p horse racing bet.

The most recent win was a 5-dog £40 accumulator - and the punters just can't stop winning.

The big question for the bookies is - do they stay open and get the crowds in - or do they shut down shop and find somewhere less lucky?