Tuesday, March 21, 2006

British Punters Fleeced by Credit Cards

The Sun Online - News: New 'tax' on web gaming

If there's a way to make money on gambling, then you can be sure it'll be found - and the credit card companies have decided they don't make enough from consumers - they have to create a new invisible tax just for online gamblers

From May 1 anyone who uses their credit card to put money into an account will be charged as if they made a cash advance. MBNA already adds an extra 2%

A 'spokesperson' from RBS has tried to justify themselves to call it a cash advance - but since RBS has been involved in online gambling from the beginning - offering their services and trying to capture the market - it smacks of pure greed.

It sounds as if they sniffed through their little book of definitions trying to find a way to profit even further from the cash heavy online gambling industry - and this is what they came up with.

So if the punter wins - do we charge the credit companies interest on our winning? No - thought not

Time to use your debit card - and any other legit card that doesn't impose obscene taxes


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