Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bookies Fall For Wembley Stadium Scam

The Sun Online: Arch enemies of Wembley

Its been way too long since I posted to this blog. And as they see in the US. My bad.

But I couldn't resist this (and thanks to Nick for pointing it out to me)

Seems as if local bookies in the Wembley area fell for a construction scam that made them look like amateurs.

Knowing full well they weren't going to hit the Wembley deadline for hosting the FA Cup this year, construction workers went to the local bookies to put £1000's on their odds of 13-8, 4-6, then 1-3 that the stadium wouldn't be ready. Finally betting was suspended, but that wasn't before they were taken for £10,000.

It would have taken a short bus ride to see the unfinished stadium for the bookies to realise it was unlikely the stadium would be finished. That cheap 50p ride cost them £10,000.

Made me laugh anyway


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