Thursday, September 22, 2005

Its Another Boom for Mobile Phone Gambling

Gambling by mobile phone is booming

Someone once asked me when I thought mobile phone gambling was going to 'take off' - I said within 2 years - but don't ask me which 2 years.

So once again, research groups are trying to earn their money by telling us that mobile phone gambling has 'exploded' or 'rocketed' or is 'booming' or any other supersonic adjective we can think of.

They actually measure these figures by the number of 'pages downloaded'. For an industry that is run by real financial numbers, thats an amazing research technique - and tells us nothing we need to know about the actual real amount of betting or gambling that actually takes place.

But for the research companies its a good living - and for the betting companies, these kind of numbers look good to the shareholders.

So mobile gambling - boom away.


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