Thursday, September 29, 2005

Gala and Coral talk to create gambling empire

Looks like a new gambling empire may be born in the UK - and it isn't between online websites.

Number three bookie, Coral and bingo and casino group, Gala, are apparantly in talks to create a £4bn gambling empire. This is in reaction to the deregulation of the new Gambling Act - a joint operation could take advantage of this

The government is set to allow one 'super-casino' under the new act - by including Coral in the mix, Gala could essentially offer a one-stop shop for punters, under one very large roof

Coral are still looking to float - and have been for years. And they will continue to pursue this if the Gala interest fails.

Is the world ready for an all-encompassing gambling empire? Does anyone care? Point of fact - Ladbrokes got rid of their casino product (sold it to Gala) a few years back to concentrate solely on betting - are they regretting that decision in light of the deregulation or was there a reason for it? Finally, is there really any synergy between betting, casinos and bingo - or is it essentially an ego boost for the 2 companies involved?
I think i'll be quiet now and wait to see what happens.


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