Thursday, June 16, 2005

Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $5 Billion

Online gambling tycoons face jail threat

PartyGaming are still taking all the headlines with their pending floatation but this time it comes with an ominous warning.
Always looking for a negative, The Guardian is reporting that the 4 founders of poker giant, could face time in prison in the US if found guilty of the heinous(!) crime of online gaming

Naturally, this isn't big news for anyone thats followed anything about online gambling - its been a grey area in the US since the beginning and they've always threatened prosecution for those found guilty of offering internet gambling services to US citizens - following through on their threats in the sportsbetting industry when Jay Cohen served time

However, despite the headlines, 3 of the 4 partygaming founders keep a low profile, staying out of the press and rarely being seen - the price you have to pay for a 5 billion dollar company


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