Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Channel 4 Delays TV Racing Deadline

Racing: TV hopes rise as Channel 4 delay deadline

A few days after Channel 4 made it fairly clear they were about to pull horse racing from their broadcast schedule, they've put back their intended decision deadline until friday this week.

However, it still seems fairly unlikely that channel 4 will change their mind.

The network claims that unless they can find sponsorship of about £8 million to compensate for the £5 million they claim they lose by televising the sport, they cannot continue their programming, making the future of TV horse racing in its current format highly unlikely

The bookmakers were always going to be made to be the bad guys in this - refusing to cough up the cash and expecting satellite TV and the BBC to take up the reigns, but channel 4 should stop playing the bluffing game and make a decision already


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