Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Women and the World of Online Poker

How women are changing the world of poker

First it was stories about the increase of female gamblers in both online casinos and online better.

Then it was the explosion of online poker

And now, of course, its the war between male and female poker players. Well, not quite. But apparantly online poker has opened doors to the traditional 'macho' world of poker - and the percentage has grown from 1% to 5%

Real-world table poker is known to be aggressive and somewhat intimidating (didn't look that way last time I saw a poker room in action - but there you go). Whilst the online world is just as aggressive, the anonymity it offers deters any intimidatory tactics, making for a nicer atmosphere.

The article continues to profile a few female poker players, such as Lucy Rokach who is 'acknowledged to be the best female player in the UK" and plays 'aggressively and fast'.

Female players are now a force to be reckoned with and unlike the men, don't bring their ego to the table, as poker pro Gary Jones states:

"So many poker players play off the back that it's almost a personal affront to their manhood if you bluff them out of a pot. I don't think a woman's like that. When she comes to the table she's there to play and she's there to win. She doesn't care if you bluff her out as long as she plays a good game. A bloke on the other hand can take it very personally. It's a bit like driving or having sex, it's one of those things that men aren't prepared to admit they're bad at."

I guess that just about says it all


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