Friday, May 20, 2005

Eurovision Song Contest 2005 - Latest Odds

Well, I'll hang my head in shame here - but I LOVE the Eurovision Song Contest! Its unmissable and truly appalling. And I NEVER get the winner - so I won't even try this year - despite Greece being the hot favourite - its a terrible song. And those around me are shouting NORWAY - but i'm still not listening - just covering my ears.

But its still hilariously bad and swamped with so much politics you almost want Simon Cowell to turn up and say "No, its total rubbish".

But he won't - and this year, I have to watch online without Mr Wogan. Oh well.

Here's the latest odds - cos if you're gonna watch it, you absolutely need to bet on it!

Eurovision Song Contest - Outright

All Odds Taken from William Hill
Greece 13/8
Norway 10/3
Hungary 8/1
Malta 11/1
Switzerland 12/1
Bosnia & Herzegovina 12/1
Moldova 16/1
Romania 20/1
Latvia 20/1
United Kingdom 25/1
Serbia & Montenegro 25/1
Israel 25/1
Sweden 33/1
Spain 33/1
Denmark 33/1
Cyprus 33/1
Russia 40/1
Croatia 40/1
Albania 50/1
Ukraine 66/1
Turkey 66/1
Macedonia 66/1
France 66/1
Germany 100/1

All Odds Taken from William Hill


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