Thursday, January 27, 2005

Visiting ICE

Haven't been around much the last couple of days as I've been visiting the annual ICE show which is essentially a large UK casino exhibition.

This is the 4th year i've been and have watched the online element grown - but its still small and crowded in a small corner at the back of the hall.

I thought i'd return this year with something new and interesting in the industry. But nothing. It seems to have been static for 3 years now - as 'poker' becomes the new 'casino' and a bunch of new software suppliers crop up and try to get in on the action.

The Online Casino industry - mainly supplier side - has consolidated as the big suppliers share the biggest operators between them (microgaming, cryptologic, boss media, RTG, Playtech)

People are still mumbling about mobile gaming and TV gaming but no-one will yet admit that either are making any money (thats because they're not).

I even had one exec tell me that 'Flash' games are superior to download. This 'flash' vs 'download' argument has long since died - Haven't they heard of the broadband revolution? Do players care anymore what technology it is - as long as it plays fair and plays well.

All I know is that I don't want to hear anymore about the UK Gambling Bill.

Its a shame I can't be less cynical - but in a world in which technology is progressing at rapid speeds, the online gaming industry seems to be stuck in its own self-made timewarp


At 11:54 PM, Gamblog UK said...

You went to ICE?..

I was at ICE the first 2 days and was very disappointd by the "new igaming section".

The only difference from last year was the igaming carpet was grey, the rest of the hall red.

We should have arranged to bump into each other..


At 12:00 AM, jo said...

I'm always at ICE.
I think I live at ICE.
You should've told me you would be there - I was probably in the corner looking bored or tired or both.
The highlights were bumping into (lots) of ex-colleagues, lunch at Pizza Express (ICE food has gone posh-ish) and getting 2 Pingu teddies. Oh - and trying to get the Beckham football - in exhange for a Pingu - but failing miserably

At 12:27 AM, Gamblog UK said...

I was standing outside the Micro stand yesterday for about 2 hours waiting for certain faces to appear.

You probably walked straight by me. I am unhappy now.

You could have said hello to Caruso the first day of the conference...

At 12:30 AM, jo said...

oh I was around the Microgaming stand yesterday for a while - please don't tell me you went to Caselli's Fire/Ice party too....


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