Monday, January 10, 2005

Into 2005 with Blackjack Shufflers and Big Brother

So, finally back from my short holidays - in which I was reminded once again that playing blackjack with a shuffling machine is wholly unexciting and pointless.

Now, i'm not the best player in the world and I definitely don't card count - but I'd say i'm a competent blackjack player - I follow Basic Strategy to the card and i'll happily hit on 16 without blinking if the dealer has a 7 - and take a card on 12 if a 2 is showing.

But I do find the game lacking when those nasty card shufflers are used on a table - and unfortunately, more and more casinos are using them. Maybe its just me, but the interest in the game just wanes when you can't see where in the 4 or 6 decks the dealer deals from - and the 'feel' you get when you see cards that were dealt. There's not even a drinks break available when the shuffling routine happens and the dealer methodically cuts the decks and shuffles - something I find fascinating.

The shufflers for me, however, takes that interest away from the game. I know its to stop card counters, but it also takes away the fun for us average players. For some reason, when I get dealt 4's and 7's continuosly as a top card, I feel cheated. If I was dealt those from an open set of decks, I'd feel less inclined to worry because I would have more of a 'feel' of the dealt cards.

Make any sense? Probably not - and i'm just ranting.

So ramble over and onto Celebrity Big Brother.
The fun of not being in the UK in the last week is that I haven't caught any of the show - but no doubt that'll change.
So, for those that are addicted..I mean watching's the latest odds from Bet365.

It looks like the chap from Holby City is favourite to win outright - followed by someone from a boyband (I think). I really do need to catch up!

Big Brother Outright Winner (all odds taken from Bet365)

Jeremy Edwards 2/1
Kenzie 5/2
Bez 10/3
Germaine Greer 11/2
Caprice 8/1
John McCririck 14/1
Brigitte Neilsen 25/1
Lisa I' Anson 40/1


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