Tuesday, December 21, 2004

City Boy Steals £9million for Gambling Spree

City expert stole £9m to gamble

Those boys in the city have so much fun it seems.

But unfortunately, for one accountant, his gambling addiction got out of hand to the point of stealing £9m from his employers in the City.

Apparantly the spread betting addict used colleague's passwords to log on and authorise huge payments to fund his account - at one point withdrawing £500,000 in 3 days.

The 32yr-old finally admitted his guilt after writing an email to his company saying:
'I am sorry I have let you all down' and then promptly disappearing - he turned himself in in September.

What I'm still wondering is how he got access to his colleague's passwords and more importantly, how this went undetected for 5 years - it seems sheer negligence on the part of the company


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