Monday, November 15, 2004

The Czechs Get Invaded by Online Gambling

State rolls snake eyes against Web gambling

The Czech Republic is the latest European country to get inundated with online gambling - despite officially being illegal in the State. Sportingbet continues its plan for global domination, becoming the fourth betting company to offer a Czech language site - following Worldbet, Betsson and Eurobet

The government has so far failed in its attempt to block online betting sites targeting the Czech public and betting exchange, Betsson, has gone so far as to run ads in local media

Despite the threats of the government to prosecute illegal betting operators, the UK companies are using the cushion of a recent EU decision that allowed Italian businessman, Gambelli, to collect bets on behalf of UK-based, Stanley - after he claimed the Italian government were restricting freedom of movement.

They claim that as long as they hold a UK license, and are legal in a EU-regulated country, the Czech government should not be calling them illegal.

This argument about borders in internet gambling appears as if it'll continue for a while longer - and in the meantime, more and more betting firms will be looking to target new markets and the ever-more attractive Eastern European audience


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