Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Fallon released on bail after arrest for alleged race-fixing

Fallon bailed in fixing probe

Jockey Keiron Fallon has been released on bailed after his surprising arrest today for alleged race-fixing. He was arrested along with fellow jockeys Darren Williams and Fergal Lynch and trainer, Karl Burke.

He was arrested on suspicion of corruption and conspiracy to defraud and centres on an investigation of 80 races over 2years.

These arrests come on the back of a mass of allegations of corruption and race-fixing amidst the broadcast of a report on the BBC's Panorama last October that investigated the racing world over 6 months

Interestingly, today's arrests were made possible due to collaberation with the police and betting exchange giant, Betfair, who provided records of irregular betting activity - Betfair have long been accused of aiding race-fixing since punters can 'bet on the loser'

Once again the racing world is about to be dragged through the mud and scrutiny of the press - because of the greed and idiocy of a few people


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